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Learn new convenient techniques to add vibrant tasty foods into your cooking regimen.

To heal the body, one must honor the whole system and restore it to balance and harmony, rather than suppress symptoms and diseases.

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson


SunVita Health Holistic Program


4 Month Program

1-hour nutritional counseling session

Analysis of current lifestyle and goals

Discuss where adjustments are needed and why, including suggestions

Food recommendations based on your needs and goals including brand name specifics so you do not have to do the research

Determine short term and long term goals

Create an effective plan

Healthy eating tips & strategies for travel, eating out, etc.

Valuable resources, handouts, tips & guidelines

Ongoing support and accountability check-ins 

 Two 30 minute phone/video follow-up calls 

 Healthier food substitution suggestions 

 Lessons in nutrition facts labels and marketing tricks used not in favor of our health 

 Healthy eating tips & strategies 

 Follow-up with your physician's results if applicable  

 Pantry and refrigerator clean out 

 Instruction on healthier cooking methods and techniques 

 Celebrate your success!

Rob & April Winfree are certified by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates in the field of Holistic Nutrition Counseling


I see that you guys sell supplements too, am I required to purchase these while in the program?

No, we will never require that you purchase additional items while in the program. We may suggest supplements as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

What if I decide the program is not for me?

If you are not getting the results you came for, we offer a money back guarantee.

After the initial time frame of the program, am I still able to contact you?

Of course!  We always love to hear from you.  If you need a quick chat on the phone, we are here for you at no additional charge!

Is this program an MLM or will I be required to buy proprietary meals and snacks?

Absolutely not.  We are not a multi level marketing group and we do not have expensive meals or snacks.  We will teach you how to make healthy food choices without pre-packaged items.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors.  We do not provide medical advice or diagnose medical conditions.  We are Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselors and provide nutrition and lifestyle advice and recommendations.

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