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Urostar is used for those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer or have had treatment for prostate cancer.  Treatments would include: HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), a radical prostatectomy, radiation (seeds, proton etc.) and cryo therapy.

There are 5 keys to prostate health whether pre and post definitive treatment for prostate cancer (regardless of treatment). Additionally, you should know that men who have had one cancer diagnosed in their lifetime have a 25% chance of having a second cancer. This is the reason to consider dietary and nutritional support primarily.  

 Healthcare statistics tell us Prostate Cancer is the most dominant non-cutaneous cancer that men acquire in their lifetime (most commonly in their 7th decade of life). While HIFU will become the dominant treatment within the next 5 years,  the five keys to health are: Proper Diet, Appropriate Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Stress Reduction and Education. The best diet is the Modified Mediterranean Diet as people in this region of the world live the longest.

Nutritionally, UroStar (4 caps: 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM), is the most complex formula in the market place for health, eliminating your need for a daily vitamin and many other nutritional supplements you may have considered. While this formulation is replete with 28 vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids, it also offers powerful cancer fighting antioxidants that have demonstrated clinical benefit in patient population. The value of nutritional support should not be minimized or ignored! Prevention is the preferred route in avoidance of secondary cancers. Stay with a healthy diet and our preferred nutritional plan and expect a healthier life.

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